Monday, June 7, 2010

I'm Proud to Be a Geek!

**Hello! This is my second post of the day! Please go here for my first one!***

Just wanted to add a quick note to please, please vote for my friend, Sheena's 'Your Anya' at the TGF blog. Her Geek Girl Anya is so cute and represents sweet, geeky girls like me! LOL!

You can vote for her here in the next five hours.

When I was growing up, I was called a nerd, dork, name it. I had braces and glasses. I skipped the fifth grade. I got straight A's. It bothered me then. But it doesn't bother me now. Having been teased has left me really empathetic and kind towards others. I almost always root for the underdogs. And you know what, most of those 'geeks' in high school or middle school are the most successful and beautiful people now.

And plus, if you don't know me by now, well you should know that I'm proud to be geeky. I feel wonderful having graduated with honors from college, having a thorough knowledge in math & science, knowing a bit about art! Geeks are now chic!

Sheena's Geek Girl would make an amazing Anya! Hope you vote!



Danielle said...

I voted :) She really is so cute!!

KanataNewf said...

Awww, Rinne. You are such a doll! Sounds like we had the same school experience -- and the same last laugh. I think you are absolutely right - I know I am definitely a stronger, more sympathetic person having experienced the same sort of teasing! Now -- I don't care what anyone thinks!

jo said...

So cute!!!