Monday, June 14, 2010



All I gotta say is "WHEW!"

The whirlwind of a weekend is done, and my DS's 1st birthday party was a success!! Mostly, anyway...but I'll tell you that story later :).

For favors, we had a candy bar. It was a hit! Of course, I added Sunghee's creations to decorate, and those made it even more stellar! I can't get over what Sunghee sent me. All of our guests loved her projects.

When it was time to pack, I was sad to see that not every creation survived the party. Most of these paper lovelies had to be thrown away, but I couldn't bear to part away with perfectly good colored images. So I asked Sunghee if she minded that I make cards/ projects out of them. I'm a big fan of upcycling and Sunghee gave me the green light.

This actually helped me a lot. I've been dying to make a card but just couldn't find the time. This little cutie card was created in less than five minutes this afternoon. Thank you again, Sunghee, for allowing me to make a card around your previously colored image (awesome coloring btw!).

The card elements were totally from scraps. Thought I'd do something different by photographing it outside. I usually crop my pics but since the card was so narrow, I left the photo wide, dried bushes and all! :)

Hope you have a wonderful Monday! Stay tuned for some Circus pics!!


Sparkle said...

I'm glad you had a great party. This is just adorable!

yyam said...

Love your card! She's so cute!

Glad the party was a blast! You had me at candy bar! Wish I was there! :)

Tanya Rudd said...

Sweet card! Love the trim and the stitching.

jo said...

What a great relief it must be for you! I know the feeling! Actually I felt like something was looming over me until I did the Thank You cards - I can't wait until when the kids can write their own!

Great job upcycling! I never would have thought of that!

sunghee said...

what!? I colored them? Don't remember. It looks so good on your card! LOL. REally!!! Lovely color and the layout! Thank you for making me look good!