Sunday, July 18, 2010

Creativity Unleashed


Hi everyone! Good Sunday morning to you!

Like I said yesterday, I have another book to show you from a class I took about five years ago with Traci Bautista.

The thing I loved about Traci was that she allowed us to do whatever we wanted. I know that type of teaching technique doesn't work for everybody but it sure "unleashed" my creativity -- and that's what Traci wanted to teach us most of all.

For this class, she provided the basics to bind this intricate "star" book. I embellished the pages after. Because it was hard to open and I needed to re-glue the back and front pages, I only took pics of a couple of pages.


Aren't the textures and shimmering effects gorgeous? She had given us a clear sticker sheet and gave us paint flakes and glitter and paint to put on it (& go wild). I chose to make it an Asian theme and put Jolee's stickers.


This is the view of the star book from above. Please excuse my dirty table and the book covers had to be re-glued after this :(.



And some views of the inside. I needed to put my candle in the front to hold the pages open.

I'm such a procrastinator! Only posting pics up now....and I still haven't filled the pages! :)


Sparkle said...

This is so pretty!

Amy said...

This is gorgeous Rinne! The level of artistry is simply stunning! And I love the Asian theme, very cool! :)

sunghee said...

I LOVE THIS! What an awesome book!!!

jo said...

You really should get into making art journals! I think you would have a good time at it and it's something that's totally Traci's style (and yours). Love her work - I've been wanting to create an art journal too but haven't had a chance. You should try it!