Thursday, July 1, 2010

Half smiling


My card today says, "Smile."

Very fitting....I'm noting sarcastically.

You'll have to excuse me cuz I'm feeling down in the dumps today.

We can't all be cheery all the time, right? :)

So I'm going to vent here (don't worry, nothing too personal):

I've lost my two Memento ink pads :(.

A sign that my house needs some spring *ahem* ..i mean summer cleaning.

I could no longer blame the little one.

I've got tons of supplies piling up and worse, I'm dying to color mermaids and cheekies, and other cuties.

And purchasing a new home is presenting some new challenges.

Work is becoming a chore instead of an exciting challenge.

And I've missed the last two episodes of SYTYCD!!!!! AAAHHHHHHHH!!!

But in other great news, I watched Eclipse and I wasn't disappointed!

My little tater tot got over a stomach bug and is back to giggling and running around.

I've got no images in my last few cards but at least I've gotten to make some!

The living room is clean so now I'm going to tackle upstairs.

Pray that I find my ink pads, pleaaassseeee!!

And thanks for listening! :)



Amy said...

I'm so there with you Rinne, I've been in a mood most of the day. But I don't have it as bad as you, I've watched the last two episodes of SYTYCD, the dancers are sooooo good this year and last night was amazing! Wow, I'm already in a better mood! ;)
Sorry, but at least you had Eclipse and I'm sure your Memento ink pads are there waiting for you to find them soon! :)
Ok, now your fabulous card! It's very happy and I love those decorative pebbles, great accent!
Ok, I'm done with my novel...

yyam said...

I love your's pretty! :)

You are just having one of those "duh" days...I'm sure your inkpads will turn up somehow..eventually!

Have a great weekend! :)

KanataNewf said...

I'm sure your ink pads will show up -- I could not find a stamp today ... it eventually showed up....

Your card looks great by the way - love those funky embellies!

Ady said...

When you stop looking for them they'll show up. It happened to me the other day looking for olive oil. The minute I gave up my brain knew exactly where it was. LOL... I'm glad you liked eclipse, I'm hoping to see it next week.

jo said...

Cheer up, honey! I hope you found your ink pads. Sucks to misplace stuff, but I hope you found them. You crack me up with your addiction to Twilight! I'm not even that hardcore and I think I'm the one who got you started on the books! :)