Friday, July 30, 2010



We've started moving :). After Monday next week, I probably won't blog for about a week with all there is to do and the transferring of phones and computers, etc. I'll soon play catch-up with my fave blogs once we get settled.

Squeezed in this quickie card last night. I missed the premier of Project Runway because of SYTYCD. But I got to watch some info on the contestants on Comcast. Love this group!

Traci Bautista is offering a free downloadable journal making kit here. The cut-out flower is from there. The stamps are from TGF. Then I did some glitter magic! :)


Lalo aka "missbliss" said...

I like that glitter magic :)
glitter just adds that extra "something" to a project don't ya think :)
saw the end of project runway last night with my stuff

Amy said...

I love the Traci Bautista flower you added to the background paper! Fun card, Rinne! So what are you thinking of SYTYCD?

jo said...

Fun! :) I love the bright cards you've been making lately!