Saturday, July 24, 2010

iPhone Snaps

What I love about the iPhone is that it takes pretty good pictures. And that it has apps to edit them so they end up looking cool like these:

1. new chair. 2. new kitchen. 3. new backyard.

Yes, we got our new house!!! YESSSSSSS!!!!! :) :) :)

Happy Saturday!


KanataNewf said...


Jamie Ko said...

congrats corinne!! that backyard looks like it could fit my house in it. that's what I get for living in So Cal and not Nor Cal! woo hoo!

Stephanie J said...

CONGRATS!!!!!! Make sure you send your new addie!!!!!

Amy said...

Yeah! That's so cool Rinne, when do you guys get to move in? Looks like Mattie will have lots of room to run around outside! Beautiful place!

jo said...

Yay for the new house! :) So jealous of your backyard!

sunghee said...

Congrats!!!!!!!! Yay!!! Your kitchen layout is very similar to mine. Love your backyard.
I WANT IPHONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!