Tuesday, May 4, 2010

All Eyes on Me, In the Center of the Ring, Just Like a Circus..


Hola! Bonjour! Aloha! Hello! Kamusta!

Today's card is for the Club Anya & Friends' Rockin' Rebel 2. Create a card based on a musical artist/ icon/ band.

Now Britney Spears is not my most favorite. And she certainly has gone through a lot. But I have enjoyed her music throughout the years. And I think that when her album, Circus, came out, she was on the verge of getting help and improving herself.


Plus, y'all know I've been pretty obsessed with anything Circus lately, especially vintage ones :). In fact, you'll see a very similar card in the near future!

To create B, I combined 80's Anya's head with Circus Anya's body. I could've used a stamp with a skirt to copy the picture but I thought the 'bare legs' showed Britney's true sexy nature more. And also because the ring leader jacket was a bit conservative for her (doesn't it look like a referee's jacket as well? haha!).

I actually wanted to do Jason Mraz or the Black Eyed Peas.


Jason Mraz (my picture btw!) is an all time fave but I couldn't get the hat and the goatee right! :) And the BEP-- who rocked the last concert I watched ---was just hard for me to do with my time constraints right now. Teehee!

In other news, I got so much love for my birthday last week.

Thanks soo much to Jo, Amy, and Tanya! These cards are just so gorgeous!

And Amy also sent me such a cute Sweet November stamp that has yet to be released!! Aaaack!! Am so lucky & grateful! Thank you, Amy!!!

Shucks...*am tearing up again*



Tanya Rudd said...

What a fabulous card Rinne, I can see the Britney resemblance for sure.


KanataNewf said...

I think you did a fabulous alteration! You rocked this challenge!

Stampi said...

super job..she looks great..I love your background paper..I swear I have some similar to that..lol..seriously great work.

yyam said...

The circus is so fun! :)

I love Britney Spears actually...I was really rooting for her when she went through the bizarre period in her life...

Online craft friends are the best!

jo said...

Fabulous card! Good luck with Rockin' Rebel 2! She totally looks like Britney!

Ady said...

the cards are fabulous. Not only yours but the ones you received on your bday...

Amy said...

Even with the time constraints you really did a fab job creating Britney on your card... she looks so cool!
And I'm glad you liked your b-day treat, you are so delightful and I'm just glad we connected through this crazy bloggin' thing! :) Hugs!

Randi said...

Cute circus card Rinne!! And, wow..look at all that eye candy!!! What gorgeous bday cards!!!