Thursday, May 13, 2010

Smile (despite that 'stache!).


Hi everyone! Hope you are all having a great Thursday!

I've got a super quick card for you today. In fact, there's no stamping involved. I've used a Sassafras sticker and used goodies from my April Taylored Expressions Key Ingredients kit.

Today's errands will consist of:

1. Mailing out Mattie's invitations. (i'll show you tomorrow).
2. Booking the balloon twister.
3. Booking a jumper (hard to guess-timate how many kids can make it).
4. Ordering the cake.

Geez, planning your baby's first bday party reminds me of wedding-planning. A lot of people ask why it's such a big event for someone who won't remember any of it. I think it might be cultural-- a Filipino thing. Hope you're not tired of my sharing all the details!

So for the invitations, my sis and I collaborated. It'll be on tomorrow's post, but lemme show you one of my fave pics from the photo shoot that I did with Matthew.

Buwahahahahahaha!!!! this is too funny! the theme is a vintage circus. we were trying to put on the fake mustache and his facial expression is hilarious!

Have an awesome day!


Lisa said...

love the bright card!!! and your son is too cute!!!!

Tanya Rudd said...

Teehheeee, Love the photo! Love the card Rinne!

Denise said...

Love the card. How could anyone not smile when they see it?

KanataNewf said...

Too cute! Both the card AND your little guy.

yyam said...

What an cute and fun card! Love these papers!

An absolutely adorable photo of your boy!

Amy said...

So cute, Rinne! I love Sassafras Lass, they are another paper co. that I've collected!
Love the pic of Mattie, and can't wait to see more pics tomorrow of the shoot! It looks like you guys had all the important props for a circus!

Sparkle said...

lol...this has totally made my day. :) So darling!

jo said...

Your card is so cute! Love the rainbow!

Mattie is too adorable too! :)