Thursday, August 18, 2011

I am all over the internet!

You wanna know what I look like when I craft?



She is Jenny from the Karber digital images...she totally reminds me of myself! Hahaha! :)

So I don't have any cards for today.

But I'm playing catch-up are Days 15-18 of the 30 Day photo challenge....

Day 15 - Shoes.

Day 16 - What I ate. This is Palabok, which is a Filipino version of chow mein. Yummy!

Day 17 - on the shelf.

Day 18 - What's in my Purse. Diaper (you never know when your tater tot is gonna need it. I have one for the newborn too). Checkbook, purse, lip balm, lip gloss, hand sanitizer, pen, toy car (for said tater tot's emergency entertainment), pill case (accidentally got cropped), and phone (not in pic because I used it to take this photo).

Have a great rest of your evening! Looking forward to tonight's Project Runway!


jo ( said...

Haha! She totally does look like you! :)

Amy said...

LOL! Love the Karber crafting Rinne!
You are doing great with your photo a day, love to see your takes on them!