Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I Heart Nerds!

Remember this picture?

You'd think that:

1) having spent most of my teen years wearing glasses and braces and...

2) getting teased for said appearance plus ..

3) having good grades would've prevented me from dressing up my kid as a geek. But I just can't help it.

It's one of my favorite pics of MK, and certainly one of my most featured photographs here. I finally decided to scrap it when I saw the perfect line at my LSS. Just look at all of the Geek is Chic galore from Imaginisce down below. That's right. Yay for the underdogs! I'm proud to have been/ still be a nerd!


I added an envelope from a Basically Bare album and tucked in a note. It basically stated how MK put on my new, fake Urban Outfitters frames after he saw me putting my glasses on. He instantly became my nerdy tater tot!


The cardstock is from Bazzill. I also added brads from American Crafts and a miscellaneous ribbon.

The pic on the right was the original, and the one on the left is enhanced using the Half Tone app (see my iPhone apps post). Speaking of iPhone apps, these photographs came to my door by way of postal pix. You choose which mobile pictures and which sizes to buy all by just clicking away on your phone. Some pics did come out cropped wrong and this one was printed backwards. But other than that, I'd recommend them. They made it very convenient! I think I'll be scrapping more!

Onto my 30 Day Photo Challenge from Oh So Lovely:

(Shown backwards)

Day 23- Sunset. I was thinking of cheating and putting in the sunset beach picture I took in Hawaii but I guess this is pretty too.

Day 22- Trees.

Day 21- Cool pattern.

Day 20- What I read. Yes, I know...that is from my phone. I do miss flipping the page of a real book.

Day 19- Where I slept.


P.S. Amy, I'm sure you'll love that cut-out on the very top right of the page of my lay-out. :) :) :)


charmed and blessed said...

you're adorable and the layout is so geek-a-licious! LOVE IT! :) ;D

yyam said...

Geek is chic indeed! Love the fun fun fun layout! He's soooooo cute! :)

jo ( said...

Adorable layout! I really want to get a new iPhone ao I can use the postalpix app! :( I love your pairing of your pics and the imaginisce collection! Perfect!

Lalo aka "missbliss" said...

CUTE Rinne!!! That little man is one cute nerd -_- Love the LO too all the little glasses are awesome!!!
And your pics are fab...I should take that challenge