Monday, August 29, 2011

G's mini-album

Hi everybody!

We were at my dear hubby's parents' house this past weekend, and I came across this mini album that I made for him. Since I only started blogging about my creations around 2007 or so, I thought I'd show it here. Sort of compare my style then to my style now.

Pardon the quality of the pictures. The lighting was poor and I didn't have much time to edit these photos.

I made this for G for his birthday in 2003-ish. It showcased the past year, our dates, and our friends/fam. As you can see, I loved my embellishments back then too! :)

Thanks for visiting!


Amy said...

This is awesome Rinne! Your work has always been so cool! I love going back and seeing where we started...some of mine makes me wonder what was I thinking! LOL!

jo ( said...

I remember you making this for him! That's awesome you found it!