Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A Week in Rinne's Life - Day 7

Hi everybody! It's officially the last day of my A Week In My Life. Although tedious at times, it was tons of fun to do. And I look forward to going back to these pics and posts in the future. I'll definitely be doing this again and I hope you'll join in.

My future basketball player.

The cutie still wears a frown.

Fried rice for brunch. Take eggs + rice + whatever meat you have in your fridge + any veggies you have = ingredients :). In this case: peas, corn, kosher hotdog, chicken apple sausage.

Nearing one month old.

Able to focus better.

My parents and their grandkids.

Oliver and his cousin, Sophia. Born 21 days apart.

She's taller than him even though he's older ;). Well, I'm short and my bro is 6 feet...

More of my mom's yummy cooking.

Mattie in my Dad's favorite hat.

Learning how to wash the dishes...haha! Just kidding!

He totally knows how to navigate the iPad! And is needing a haircut badly!



jo said...

Yay for finishing your WITL project - can't wait to see the layouts you create from your pictures! Love the pics of O. He's totally looking like the both of you! :)

Amy said...

This has been so cool Rinne, I can't wait to see the layouts you make with them either! What an eventful week you had...mine was really boring in comparison!

yyam said...

Mattie is looking super cute! I love fried rice...best one dish meal ever!