Saturday, August 20, 2011

Pappa... pappa... pappa... RAZZI


Ok, when you're at a special event, do you have a friend who's always toting around her camera, snapping pictures at every whim?

And just when you think she's done clicking away, she busts out with another camera or worse, her iPhone??

Hehe, folks, that IS me!!

Sure, my friends get annoyed when I ask them to pose with their significant others for the hundredth time.

And they must get embarrassed when I take pictures of the food we are served, especially when I slap their hands away from ruining the chef's presentation because I have to change the lens of my camera to the macro one I borrowed for the weekend and get that close-up of the fennel or cilantro they used (whew! *catches my breath* That is one long run-on sentence!!!).

Yes-sirrreee-bob! That IS me!!

And I'm not ashamed to admit it. Because who do they come running to when they want copies of a specific event picture?? Whose photograph do they "steal" or "borrow" on facebook when they want to post their baby shower album?

ME!! And mine!!

Which brings me to my creation for today...

This is birthday card # 3, an entry for the Guest Some Odd Girl Design Team call. (You can find # 1 and # 2 here).

See, I think I just about found each and every camera sticker/ embellishment I own (which, btw, are mostly from the Amy Tangerine line). I wanted the tag to have a paparazzi feel to it. I mean, c'mon....if I'm giving this to one of my friends, I want it to be realistic.

Basically, it comes down to this:

It's your special day and I will be there with my cameras. Get used to the clicks and flashes (which I will not be using if there's really great lighting, mind you). Because there'll be lots of picture taking. Afterall, I only want what's best for you. And to me, that's documenting many many moments of the day the world was blessed with you.

AWWWWW. Yes, I've been told that I am very sweet. :) :) :)

Kidding aside, my goal for this tag was to be a bit shabby chic.

I like how the vintage camera stickers look. I even painted the chip board camera (from Basically Bare) to match the background (which is an upcycled packaging from American Crafts) and mute down the colors.

Of course, my favorite part though (besides the adorable Photo Kaylee stamp) is that hot pink quilled camera (obtained by fussy cutting it out of a card I bought from her shop).

Lastly, the letter stickers were from My Little Shoebox.

Haha! Man! I really embellished the heck outta this tag! LOL!

Have a stellar day!! And don't forget to take lots of pictures!


Amy said...

OMLord of the Rings! (I'm lovin' Project Runway!) This is SO COOL Rinne, love all the awesome camera embellishments and your coloring of Odd Girl you! So creative to have the 'smiles all around' in the lens...this is fabulous girl!

Tanya R said...

This is amazing. Yup, AMAZING!

Cathy P in AZ said...

Wow oh WOW this is FABULOUS, Rinne! Seriously original in every way! CLEVER and I LOVE IT.

amytangerine said...

cute! thanks so much for sharing!

jo ( said...

So freaking adorable! Yes, you are the queen of taking pics! Love you!