Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Busy, busy, busy!

Good afternoon, everyone!

Today's card was supposed to be for the 2 Cute Rubber Stamps Photo Inspiration Challenge but unfortunately, I had missed the deadline.

This week started off quite busy, as we stayed at my in-laws' for the weekend. I brought some of my craft supplies but didn't get a lot done. It was a lot of fun though, as we got to visit my sister and go to our nephew's Christening.

This card was for him. I couldn't very well use a lot of the purples and pinks from the pic. Instead, I was inspired to use a lot of circular shapes. I also cut off the l'il Angel's hair up top and on the sides, transforming her into a boy :).


And I'm finally catching up with my 30 day photo challenge, which is proving to be more difficult as the month passes by...

Day 5: Someone I love.

Day 6: Something that reminds you of your childhood.

Day 7: Something new. (coasters for glasses).

Day 8: Technology. (was watching American's Got Talent. These dancers had suits that lit up as they danced. Very innovative!).

Day 9: Faceless self-portrait (you can tell that I still very much LOVE Sanrio!).

Hope you're having a lovely Tuesday!


Berenice R. said...

Super cute card! Thank you for sharing :)

jo (http://joboogie.typepad.com) said...

Adorable card and love how you thought outside of the box! :)

Amy said...

Wonderful card, love how you made her a he to fit your need! I really enjoy seeing your daily photos, it's great fun! :)

Tanya R said...

Super cute Rinne! Love the new Chibi too!

yyam said...

Awww....what a cute card! Totally put a smile on my face! :)_