Thursday, August 4, 2011

Catch-Up with the 30-day Photo Challenge

Alas, I must play catch-up, folks! Oh So Lovely's 30-Day Challenge's photo links close after each day on midnight.

Since I started a couple of days late, I was never able to link my entries :(. I have up to Day 4 here now. But as luck would have it, I won't have access to a computer during the next few days. Hope to catch up next week!

Day 2: What I wore.

My DH's shorts as I was hot and I wanted to show support for the upcoming movie :). And a belly band to get rid of the post-preggo pooch. I know, I fashionable, huh?? LOL!

Day 3: Clouds.

See the dark area up top? It had been drizzling that morning. Crazy weather for August!

Day 4: Favorite color.

I was feeling kind of rushed to take this. I have many fave colors but have somehow been drawn to pink lately. Hence, my ATG :).

See you later this morning for my PWCO post!

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jo said...

Nice! Yay for your photo a day project! :)