Wednesday, August 31, 2011

What NOT to Wear!


I had BIG dreams of paper-piercing my way to the new HOT COUTURE ANYA.

The mixture of Dear Lizzy, Sassafras, and glitter did prove to be hot .... a HOT mess, that is! LOL!

Sometimes you just gotta laugh at what you make. Man, she looks ridiculous!

I thought combining the skirts/ tops of:

1. Ballerina Anya (top, tutu)
2. '80s Anya (skirt, leggings as part of skirt now)
3. WS Dahlia (top and feet)
4. Can-can Anya (not sure what her name is but she's a dancer with the feather in her hair. She makes up the head and arms of the image here).

I even layered the clothes here to make it look realistic....hehehe. But it didn't look right at all. Why, oh why did I also decide to add a ruffled headpiece along with the feather??

And the other day, I caught the tail end of an old "My So-Called Life" episode (you guys remember that?). Claire Danes' BFF there, Ray-anne, had a colored strip of hair, and I was, unfortunately, inspired. That's where the pink highlights came from :).

So, instead of chucking my HOTT MESS Anya into the garbage, I thought I'd just change the title of my card to "What NOT to Wear." Just like the TV show. Instead of the Project Runway inspiration that I envisioned.

I thought I'd still enter my card into TGF's Farm Fashionista Challenge. I'm sure that Marie and Jessica will get a laugh out of it. :) :) :)

The CS are from Bazzill and Neenah. The PP are listed above. The tag is from My Mind's Eye, and I thought this design book stickers from Jolee's is perfect!!

I love that tag -- I used to write down what I wore / would wear back in college so that I wouldn't wear the same outfits twice in one month (DORK!).

Come to think of it, I also do this when I go on vacation... but this time, it's to make sure I have enough clothes, LOL!

Anyway, I hope I made you smile! Thanks for reading this. I think I would've had better luck if I had drawn!



KanataNewf said...

honestly - I think this is totally inspired and a PERFECT entry into the challenge over at TGF!!!

Amy said...

Rinne, I LOVE this and think it's perfect for the contest! If anyone can pull off this look, it's this sweet Anya, she's working it and would even have Heidi wanting one just like it! It's the best and your story behind it is hilarious-thanks for starting my day off in a great mood!

Lalo aka "missbliss" said...

What you talking about...I don't think she's silly I think she is fab!!!

jo ( said...

I love the card! I think it's cool that you used Flapper (?) Anya's head w/ the feather because, as you told me, feathers in hair are in! :) love the story about high school and how you wrote down your outfits! That's actually pretty smart!

yyam said... the title and the card! It's so cute! :)