Monday, August 1, 2011

A Week in Rinne's Life - Day 6

Day 6 of my version of A Week in the Life. My day 6 was Sunday, July 31st. I'm almost one more day to go!

Lessons learned for next time - I gotta be more prepared. Having a newborn and not being able to drive definitely limited my days and outings. Also, I would've liked to have written down more words/ feelings/ observations. Ooooh, and jotting down concurrent world events would make it more interesting too!

Anyway, here are my pics:

Got caught "closing my eyes" for more than a minute there. Oli is wondering, "Hellooooo, wake up mommy!"

In the wee hours of the morning, I watched my DVR recording of Nick & Vanessa's Wedding. So very sweet and romantic. Makes me wanna get married again. Or at least visit that amazing island!

Poor little guy had a tough night. Good thing today is a much better day.

I think Oliver has a lot of gas because I've been eating too much dairy. Drank soy milk here. Or perhaps I'll cut down on the ice cream :), LOL!

Got to try out a lot of the scrapping tools I've had for a while. Here's the piercing tool from Sew it Easy. More on this with a later blog post.

Adhering vellum using stitches.

Got to make my own buttons....

Mattie's trying it out...

I told him he couldn't play with look at that naughty smile!

Making little pom-poms...

Ran errands with my sister. Diapers are soooo expensive!

NOT having fun with Ernie and Bert on their firetruck.

Playing with some Toy Story fun!

See you tomorrow!


KanataNewf said...

If I were to do this project, I think my photos would be pretty boring. Work, grocery store, home...that's about it. Have loved having a peek into your routine!

jo said...

You should do the Amazon mom subscription program for diapers over at! I get Size 4 diapers a box of 140 of them delivered every month for $33! I can't wait until M is potty trained... I'm just too lazy. *lol*

Amy said...

Your pictures are so interesting Rinne, you're awesome!
Love seeing the tools, too fun and Mattie's little mischievous smile is too precious!
Oliver just looks like an angel...hard to believe he would give you rough nights! ;)
Great idea to jot down world events going on the next time you do this, you are really going to have some special scrapbook pages!