Thursday, August 25, 2011

Lessology DT entry

Hello everyone!

My project today features an altered item for the DT call over at Lessology. It's a new challenge blog on upcycling.

I do love to upcycle when I can. My style of upcycling may not be as elaborate as most people's. But it's good to show that it could be done very simply, easily, and fast.

I took my phone case and altered it into a gift certificate holder. (I know, I know...this is my second phone cover. Go here to view the first one I upcycled).

IMG_2033 IMG_2038

I cut some strips of KI Memories' Love Elsie paper and Jolee's stickers and voila!

This is for a family member who have done a phenomenal job losing weight and becoming healthier. For her birthday, I wanted to give her a gift certificate so she could go shopping for new outfits. What's with the theme of swimming, you ask? Well, she lives in Arizona where it's currently 100- 115 degrees during the summer. And she goes swimming on most days. Plus, bikini equals sexiness, am I right? :)

Thank you for visiting! I think it is so important to upcycle. It's so easy to find things around the house that we could all use in our craft. In fact, my favorite item to use is an earring that has lost its pair, and I often use them as charms on my cards or scrapbooking. You can see an example on this post.

Have a wonderful evening!


yyam said...

Ooh...this is so cute! Love the beach ensemble! And yes, I agree. Upcycling doesn't have to elaborate or fancy! You did a great job here Rinne!

Thanks for trying out for the LESSology team! :)

Spardha said...

So adorable!.. I LOVE the cutie embellies! :)

Angi @ CokiePop said...

Fabulous idea Rinne. It's so clever that you upcycled a phone case. This is soooo adorable. I don't do elaborate either. I just love to have fun with it.

Thank you so much for auditioning for the new LESSology team. :)

jo ( said...

Very fabulous!!! You're the upcycling queen! Good luck with the DT call girlie! I'm rooting for ya! :)