Monday, August 15, 2011

Blog Crush

Can I share something with you?

I am in love.

I'm not talking about my hubby. Or my kiddies. Not even my stamps...

I. Am. Loving....

this blog: Lingered Upon.

It's only happened twice. I come across a blog and I get so engrossed that I read every post.


The first one was hers. Her writing is so funny. Her story is both joyous and sad. And her photos are awesome.

And then, I discovered Alice's blog through another blogger. Lemme tell you... you gotta take a peek.

She is a photographer by trade. Does film photography and her pictures are magical, serene, captivating. She lives in NYC, and sometimes takes photographs of her outfits (so fashionable!). But what I love most of all is that she also does a lot of food photography -- I want to jump right into her pictures and eat every single one of those dishes. I am a semi-foodie, and her restaurant pics are addicting. Oh, how I wish I was in New York right now!

She makes me want to try taking pictures with film. She depicts the differences between film and digital, even goes into detail about differences in cameras/ film. We even have the same favorite flowers! Peonies and ranunculuses. Anyway, I am reading her blog backwards and I'm in the month of February.

I really need to take a photography class. I am inspired and want to enhance my skills!

Speaking of photos, it's time to catch up with my 30 Day Photo challenge:

Day 10: Something I made.

Day 11: Something Fun.

Day 12: Close-Up. (as close as I can get without hitting the glass with my phone -- we were at the zoo).

Day 13: From a Distance.

Day 14: Flowers (the first flower Mattie gave me. awww!).



Cathy P in AZ said...

Hi there! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog - I didn't even know I won at Sparkle's site LOL! This is my lucky day - I also found your fabulous blog! I LOVE this post and your photos and the card - amazing stuff! I am your newest fan, Rinne! :) P.S. You should win at SOG...your entry is WONDERFUL! :)

jo ( said...

Thanks for the new blog links! :) I'm going to have to check them out! I love finding new blogs! :)

I'm loving your photo-a-day project. One day I'll tackle something so intimidating to me. *lol*