Wednesday, February 24, 2010

More Inspiration

Hello, everybody! Today's card features Club Anya & Friends' Sketch 6. Now that I am on a scrapbooking diet, I have to really choose which stamps to buy.

This Travel Anya stamp was bought for a purpose. My mom is having a retirement party in August, and the theme is traveling around the world. I'm trying to persuade my sister (who's in charge of invitations) to put her on the 'passport' invites that she's making. C'mon, Kristine, isn't she cute? :)

Speaking of parties, I've paid the deposit for Mattie's first birthday party. The next step now is deciding on a theme. I've got my mind pretty much set on a Vintage Peter Pan. Although I am also loving this. Too bad the TGF Circus set does not include an Ian Ringmaster.

I am so amazed at the internet. I've found so many helpful sites and links for planning a bday party! There are so many inspirations out there!

And speaking of inspirations...I am utterly in AWE of these:

1. I am so glad she is back and recovering! Her story has touched me and moved me to tears. First, they were of sadness and then now, they're of joy!

2. And oooooh, these always make me smile! Love the new badge, Amy!

3. I CANNOT wait until this movie comes out! I loved Tim Burton's Edward's Scissorhands! Would love to see this dark but artistic version of Alice In Wonderland!


Oh, and I'm so excited to play here! What a great idea!

4. And last but not least, I adore the necklace I bought here! Secondsister, you do amazing work!

And on the same note, I absolutely LAUGHED OUT LOUD and SMILED thoughtfully at her post.

Have a great day and thanks for visiting!


Ady said...

great post... I kept going to your links I almost forgot to leave you a comment. My hubby is super excited to see Alice in Wonderland. He likes all that funky stuff.

Randi said...

Adorable travel card Rinne!! Love all your inspiration today!! Especially the Alice eye candy!! I cannot wait!
Oh, a vintage Peter Pan party! HOW COOL!!

Amy said...

C'mon Kristine... ya know Rinne wouldn't stear you wrong with cutie Anya on the invites! Just trying to help you out a bit Rinne, LOL ;)

I think she looks fantastic and I love the paper you paired her with too!

Oh and glad you liked the badge too! :)

jo said...

Love it! :)

Another beautiful card! :)

Have fun watching the new "Alice" movie! I think I'll pass. Tim Burton films and I don't get along. *lol*