Monday, February 22, 2010

Picture Perfect

Before Glee came along, my Wednesday night line-up consisted of watching America's Next Top Model. I loved watching the plain girls get transformed into glamourous beings! My hubby would always peek and say, "Why'd they pick her? She's not that pretty." I told him he was wrong and that although the contestant was not conventionally beautiful, she has that special look. I'd tell him to check back in 20 minutes and see the gorgeous photos and photos and look from that same person.

Sparkle Thistleweed reminds me of a fairy model. Created by Amy, she is confident, sassy, and has that special ooomph! That one-of-a-kind *spark*. I colored her with rich and dark tones. She is going out for the night and has on her glittery outfit :). I gave her dark wings to make her stand out even more among all the other fairies.

I used a lot of kol laj products (the PP, the fabric). I wanted the card to have a more of an artsy feel -- Here, Sparkle is a couture model ...he he he...and not the commercial type (for you ANTM fans, you know that Tyra Banks always says this!).

And although models are all about symmetry, this is not the case here. I purposely made sure the fabric pieces didn't match on either side of her. The stickers behind the button do not either. The fabric edges are left rugged and rough (ok, remember that I don't know how to sew, ok? :) LOL).

Afterall, the most beautiful of creatures is not just about the looks. You've got to have to have character, be unique, and hold others' interest. And as corny and cliche'-ish as it may sound, that is the lesson of my sentiment/ card here. :)

Other supplies-
CS- TE's Valentine Key Ingredients
Stickers- Daisy D's
Button- Inkspelled
White pen- Inkssentials
Scrapper's Floss- Karen Foster

Happy Monday!


Sparkle said...

I think *I* look awesome, lol, especially with blue hair. :) But really, your card is just wonderful! And love her sparkly skirt.

Randi said...

Like a page out of Fairy Vogue!! LOVE it!! Sooo fun! So many exquisite details and I just love the whole concept!! Love your creativity Rinne!!

jo said...

Love it! You're the queen of mixed media on cards! :)

Amy said...

I used to watch ANTM before GLEE too, so I love the comparison!I can totally see Sparkle as a diva model, she looks so mysterious with her dark wings! And I agree with you that everyone needs to be themselves, it would be a very boring world if everyone tried to be like everyone else!