Saturday, July 16, 2011

Art Journaling

Years ago, I started taking Traci Bautista's classes at my LSS. We made displays for pictures, cards, books, our own decorative papers. I learned so much from her. In her classes, there were no rules and creativity flowed.

So when I read that The Greeting Farm would be hosting a new, different, artistic journaling class, I was intrigued. And a bit scared and apprehensive. Add on to my already full plate? Buy new supplies of paint/ brushes/ other mediums?

But, then, I remembered Traci's classes and how fun it was and how it motivated me to explore my other artistic abilities. Her style is so different from a lot of my mentors/ idols in the stamping/ scrapping world. Yet I feel that her vision and lessons allow you to think so much outside of the box. Maybe, TGF's new class is just what I need.

So, I dug into my boxes (yes, the craft room is still packed up) and found old supplies of paint, embossing powder, gel mediums. I'm happy that the medium is not dried up but the decoart paints are :(. I still haven't found my old watercolor papers, which I need to bind to make the baseline book.

But I did find this journal that I bought from Traci. I remember being in love with this book -- its textures and colors and stitching and papers. I've always wanted to make one of my own!

Here's the beautiful cover of Traci's creation:

Inside the first page:

I wrote down ideas, scrapbook lay-out sketches, even notes from a 2007 photography class here...

And here's the front and back. Gorgeous, isn't it?

At first, I thought I'd use it for the class. But the pages were too thin to hold paint. And if I was going to endeavor in the whole artistic process, then I should start with blank pages. So in the end, the book will be thoroughly about me and my journaling and creativity. :)

Anyway, as soon as I find some papers/ book, I'll be contacting Marie about joining in on the TGF fun! Won't you try it as well?


P.S. I visited Traci's blog and found out she is having her own art journaling e-course. There's even a chance to win a couple of spaces! BTW, the title of her blog? "Creativity Unleashed." Perfect, isn't it?? Makes me wanna change the title of my blog into something wittier :).


jo said...

Art journaling is totally your style! No need to be apprehensive! So glad your jumping in with both feet!!!

Amy said...

I think this Heart Journaling course at TGF is SO you Rinne... hope you can make time to play along because I would love to see the pages you create for it!
I'm signed up too 'cause it sounds like a lot of fun! :)