Monday, July 4, 2011

Have a Wonderful 4th of July!


Happy 4th of July, folks!

I don't usually give out Independence Day cards, but I had colored up Amelia (from TGF's Ahoy set) with red/white/blue. Thought I'd showcase her card today.

I am laughing as I'm typing this because there are a couple of quirky things about this card. One, being as I am a couple of days away from delivering my bun in the oven, my fingers are like sausages. I have tried tying that Martha Stewart twine into a bow many times. Woe is me! My fingers would NOT cooperate. Hahahaha!!!

Two, the time has finally come to buy Copic refills for my E0000 and E000. But I wanted to squeeze out every drop of ink -- Miss Amelia's face is the final image that I colored before I purchased my very first refill! BTW, thank goodness for You Tube vids on how to actually refill them!

Anyway, peeps, I have a few posts lined up and pre-scheduled. But I'll be away for a bit, birthing a new baby boy and getting used to a newborn's routine. I won't be able to comment on your terrific blogs and artwork (unless of course, I'm up doing a night-time feeding AND somehow, have some energy!).

I am getting quite nervous... but excited at the same time. Thanks so much for visiting!!!


Sparkle said...

Such an adorable card! Can't wait to see your new baby soon!

Tanya R said...

I am just loving this. The bling bling is the finishing touch for sure.

jo said...

Adorable card! Good for you for still being able to get crafty up until #2's birth! Can't wait to see baby pictures!!!

yyam said...

Awww....cute!!! Love the happy burst of colors!

Amy said...

You are a super woman, no doubt about that and bow or no bow this card is a cutie!
I was nervous about refilling my copics the first time too but it is SUPER easy, I promise! :)