Thursday, July 28, 2011

A Week in Rinne's Life - Day Two

A Week In Rinne's Life Day Two (project inspired by Ali Edwards). 7/27/11. I'll keep the captions short as it is photo-heavy again. The photos aren't in order -- it was too hard to upload from both the SLR and iphone and then have to re-arrange.

Waking up.

Eggplant omelet - don't knock it till you try it.

Rough playing.

Homemade O.J.

Love this monitor.

Playing with shadows.

Boil eggplants. Add to egg mixture with salt/ pepper.

Wanna help put those items behind you away?

My in-laws came to visit.

For a new baby in the family.

Discovered an unwatched season of Project Runway at 5 am while nursing.

Those dang funny pants again.

Self portrait in the bathroom again. Actually put on make-up today.

Me and hubby out on a drive by ourselves.

Got some Tapioca Express drinks. (milk teas for both of us).

Take one.

Take two.

At the hospital to see my brother's new family.

Love my new baby niece!

Errands while in-laws are baby-sitting: Groceries.

Stopped at the local video store.

Pretended to nap so the tater tot would.

Look of satiety.

Look of passing gas :).

Presents from a sweet friend.

Mattie dancing while we watch So You Think You Can Dance.


Tanya R said...

Rinne You are the best! And Oliver and Mattie have a niece to play with, how nice! You look fabulous dear.

jo said...

Love these daily updates! You're looking so good mama! :)

KanataNewf said...

Love these little peeks into your you are one busy mama!

yyam said...

I love eggplant's an acquired taste I must say! :)

Love the photos! And how nice that Oliver has a cousin the same age! :)

Amy said...

I won't knock it, but I don't know if I could do an eggplant omelet! :P
Another fun day and a new cousin and playmate for Oliver and Mattie!
I can't believe there are only two more show left for went so fast!