Friday, July 8, 2011

The Next Generation


Once again, I'm joining in on the fun at my LSS for their monthly challenge. You purchase a kit and make a lay-out, turn it back in, and whoever has the most votes wins a gift certificate and a crop!

The challenge for me was the supplies were more shabby-chic than what I was used to. Luckily, I had this current pic of my cousins. Thought the prints on their outfits kind of match the paper :). And who knew that high waisted shorts were back in style? LOL!

I used to change the diapers of these two. Now they are both starting in their early college years (please don't try to guess how old I am!). I was worried about how they'd do in the real world... Because they were my youngest cousins, I often saw them as babies even though they are now young women. I guess you just gotta have FAITH. They are and they will continue to do just fine.

Have a lovely weekend!


KanataNewf said...

A beautiful layout of your beautiful cousins!

Amy said...

LOL, I have young cousins this age also and I was surprised by the seeming return of some 80's fashions as well!
Your page is fab and I love how you put your own spin on the more vintagey looking kit. :)

jo said...

I can't believe how grown they are too! Lovely layout, girlie! It's perfect!