Sunday, July 31, 2011

A Week In Rinne's Life - Day 5

It's Saturday, July 30th, and I'm on my fifth day of A Week in the Life. The day consisted of:

1. Fun in the bath.

2. Cute shoes for boys.

3. Going to my parents' for lunch.

4. My mom cooked food tailored for post-partum women/ milk-production. Lots of soupy dishes with veggies and protein, mussels.

5. Blurry pic of my mom giving Mattie a piggy back ride.

6. Going to my LSS and meeting up with Suzy, Ashley, and Jo (who hooked me up with a ride! Thanks, girlie!).

7. Buying some cupcakes. I got to taste the chocolate with strawberry mousse and a vanilla with ganache.

8. Then, tagged along some more with Jo and her daughter, M, and picked up some dinner at my favorite Hawaiian joint.

9. M is sooo adorable!

10. Home with my boys (the little one has a lot of gas :().

XO & please stay tuned for my other post today (an ABAC creation!),


KanataNewf said...

Looks like another fun-filled day!

Ashley Nguyen Newell said...

Awww, super cute pictures! I love them all! I stole the picture with me in it. I love it! It was so lovely to meet you, next time we'll have to hang out longer.

jo said...

Love the pics! Ha! I need to do what Ashley did and steal the pic of me in it too. :) Thanks for bringing your camera that day girlie! :)