Saturday, April 10, 2010

10-month-old Matthew

Hi everyone! I'm playing around with my blog's lay-out/ elements right now so pardon it if it's looking a l'il funny. I am liking the S-T-R-E-T-C-H-E-D out version and the white looks very clean. But I have to admit that I miss my black background. Not a lot of people have it & you know how I like to be different. I may also be playing with some trial backgrounds. Hmmm, but the clean one that I have now is simple enough to showcase my sometimes wild & colorful style. Hehe, at this rate, I may just go back to my original one but we'll see...hehehe.

I'm hoping to have a card for you later today but for now, here's a pic of my baby's Easter outfit. I received a lot of questions and compliments about it. It's actually from Target & very reasonably-priced.

Mattie has begun to crawl. It's funny because he sometimes does not know what to do with his left leg so he just uses his arms and right one. Reminds me of a crab!! Time has gone by so fast. In a couple of months, he'll be one! I cannot believe it!

He also has quite a personality! He gives me so many different looks. There's this one where he just stares, and his eyebrows curl like he's saying, "What the heck are you doing, Mommy?" He loves music like most babies, but I swear he sings along every Sunday at church and dances to the beats of Lady Gaga and the Black Eyed Peas! He's a typical boy in that he already loves playing choo-choo and gets so aggressive with his toys!

Anyway, I've written notes here and there on a baby journal about his development throughout the months. I wished I did it online and more regularly like Jamie and my colleague, Alison (who's blogging about her pregnancy).

Ok, I hope to come back later or tomorrow with a card. And please come back on MONDAY as I'm SOOOO very excited about that post!!! *smiling from ear to ear** :)


Tanya Rudd said...

Oh Rinne, your little man is so precious. Thank you for sharing this with me.


Jamie Ko said...

love Mattie's easter suit! so handsome!

Amy said...

Awww... what a dapper little gent he is in his Easter suit! Mattie's a total sweetie! :)

sunghee said...

eeeek~!!! mattie is so cute!
this brings back my memory. my son used to crawl with his head! why~! hehe.

KanataNewf said...

oh my goodness your little guy looks so cute all dressed up in his Easter finery!

jo said...

Ack! 10 months! He'll be 1 in a little over a month! That's crazy! It seems like yesterday you were preggo with him!