Thursday, April 15, 2010

My Boys in Blue


Matthew Kai,

I've forgotten how gummy your smile is.

These photographs were from July 2009 -- you were almost two months.

Now, today on April 15th, you've got four teeth and one pushing through.

You are the delight in my world and your Daddy's.

Today, I am at work and you won't see me until it's dark. Right before bed. Your eyes would light up when I walk through the door. Then we'd wash up and I'd feed you.

Sing you a song and give you kisses.

And lull you to dreamland.

Sometimes I don't eat dinner until 9:30 pm.

And your dad? During this time, he's washing dishes and helping to pack up for the next day if I'm working.

And he's as tired as I am from his job too.

But he waits for me so we could eat together.


I wouldn't trade these things for anything in the world :).



*Supplies from Bazzill (CS), TGF (stamps), Love Elsie (PP), My Little Shoebox (ribbon)*


Tanya Rudd said...

Can your boy be any cuter! The layout is fab too. :)

Sparkle said...

Such a darling layout! He is just adorable!

Amy said...

Oh man you are tugging at my heartstrings here! This post choked me up just a bit cause I can totally feel the love you have for your two special guys. :)

yyam said...

Awww...your little boy is adorable! :)

Ady said...

What a beautiful layout with a beautiful post...

sunghee said...

oh my!!! this is so cute! he is so cute!!!

jo said...

I can't believe how big he's getting! You made me teary eyed with this post!