Thursday, April 29, 2010

Women of Inspiration

***I'll have a card post later on today. Hope you still read this (long) post. It's very inspirational.***

I have to be honest.

Sometimes, I don't like it when there's a big group of women together.

I mean, I'm a nurse. In my field, most of us are female. There are times when there is too much gossiping and drama going on.

But most of the time, nothing is stronger and more inspirational than a union of women.

I mean, who doesn't look forward to a girls' night out? Nothing beats a girlfriend's advice. And sometimes, all you want to hear is the latest gossip, right? It takes you away from your own problems.

And then at work, although I complain, I wouldn't trade my female co-workers for anything. We are the definition of team work and empathy, of diligence and critical thinking.

So for my post today, I wanted to write about these two inspirational women.

The first is Linda Burnasakorn.

Her story tugs at my heart strings and makes me tear each time I read about it. She is so brave to share her story. It is tragic in the beginning but inspiring to hear how she is persevering.

You don't have to be in the medical field like I am to know that our healthcare system is among the worst in all of the developed countries. Linda and her family are left with overwhelming debt due to her bout with sickness.

Cocoa Daisy is a scrapbooking kit club and Linda was an employee there. They are hosting a special raffle to help Linda and her family. You could win anything from rub-ons to a scrapbooking destination to Greece --- where you'd be in the companies of Ali Edwards and Jenni Bowlin.

I do not know Linda personally, but I hope you find her inspiring as well.

The second woman is April of Secondsister Suaviloquy. She is an awesome writer and her quirky posts always make me smile. I only know her from blogland but she sounds like a wonderful mother and wife. I admire women who are not ashamed to YELL at the top of their lungs that they would do anything for their family.

A favorite part of her blog is her 'cast of characters.' You all know I like lists. Well, April listed her fam members by their nicknames and personalities on the right sidebar. I ADORE IT! I may have to do something similar :).

But what I love most (aside from her suaviloquy, meaning the sweetness of speech) is her craftiness. Her home-made jewelry are so beautiful, and I'm an avid fan at her Etsy boutique. She has this tutorial on a lovely rick rack Mother's Day pin (her picture of it is below).

She told her readers that we could pass it on. Thought it was too pretty not to share. Enjoy everyone!


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Jamie Ko said...

thanks for sharing Linda's story. the images of her in the hospital are burned into my brain and there was a moment I didn't think she would be here today. but she is and boy is she a fighter. the nursing staff adored her while she was in the hospital. and when she came around and was moved to a different unit, she missed her ICU nurses soooo bad. you should be honored too. nurses work really hard and hardly get the credit too.