Saturday, October 22, 2011

PWCO Sneak Peek & Halloween Attire.

Hi everyone! Hope you are all having a STELLAR Saturday morning!

I have no crafty post for today but I do have a sneak peek at the October Stamp Releases over at PaperWorks Co..

Since PWCO hasn't had a stamp release in some time, there will TWO collections coming at the end of October.

For the next week, each DT member will be showcasing a sneak peek of our creations. It's my turn today, and here it is:

If you want to follow along the sneaks, head over to the PWCO blog post to get the DT order and links.

On October 29th, the stamps will be released and we will have a special blog hop! Hope you join us! The new images are so very cute! My little tater tot loves them! :)


And speaking of cute and tater tots. Here's a pic of MK and Oli with their friend, A, at a professional studio. They are Yoda, E-wok, and Princess Leia from Star Wars.

I really like dressing little kids up in themed costumes -- it's so much fun in pictures! Getting those photos taken though was a different matter. It was hard getting them all to face the same way. And smile at the same time?? Fuh-get-a-bout it!!

The little one was hot in his costume and therefore, cranky. We were fanning him and this was the end result: he fell ASLEEP!!!! And looks like the real Yoda! Too funny, he is! LOL!

I'll have more Halloween fun to show you later. My sister got on my case because I got them second costumes. I know, I know...for the past two years, MK always had two costumes already. But Oli's is too big and too hot and MK was actually scared of his and it was too big. In fact, I could'nt get him to put the head back on. The costumes were fairly cheap though so I don't feel so bad. And the other sets are also the same theme! ;) Still, I need to put some kind of costume swap with my friends for the next coming years. Oh, and I wish I could sew! That would totally bring on lots of uniqueness and creativity!


P.S. I'll also be dressing up. And I have two costumes (actually a wig and a head piece) too. I'll be coming to two different themed events and am very excited! And you know what's nice about being the only female in the household?? I get to be Princess Leia and I don't have to fight with anybody, LOL!


Creations by Shirl said...

Aww those lil munskins are so so cute.... great pic I hope you did a layout page for this photo shot or made a big frame pic too?
Have a super weekend.....

angie ashuk said...

That was sooo sweet. Little Yoda sleeping...Love it!

Lalo said...

AWE...I love!!! I think you know already that I'm a star wars lover. Got to get my little ones together for a photo like this...It's too cute!!!

sweet said...

Adorable children! Have fun being the Princess!

Arabella said...

Lols! They are too cute Rinne! Have an awesome time as the princess!


Lisa said...

Oh my gosh, those are the most adorable pictures!! Sleeping Yoda so sweet!! These are so fun, Rinne! I hope you have a great time as Princess Leia! :D


eva said...

how super cute!! love them in the costumes! i try to get my 3 to match themes but usually they have all different ideas and tastes.

Tanya R said...

How Uber adorable!

Amy said...

LOL, those pics are totally crackin' me up!

Cute they are mmmmm...

Heeheehee I couldn't help myself there! ;)

jo ( said...

Yay for a sneak peek and what adorable Halloween pictures! So cute!!! Love how Oli looks super grumpy while he's asleep! Priceless!