Thursday, October 13, 2011

Twisted Sisters Return!

I decided to make some Halloween goodies afterall. Now that my sonny-boy is going to pre-school, I'm going to be creating some small tokens of appreciation for his teacher, aides, and the secretary up front.

As I have been cleaning out and organizing my craft room, I'm realizing that there are pros and cons to this:

1. I'm discovering older stamps and supplies.
2. I'm getting to know where everything is.
3. I won't be shopping any time soon.
4. It feels good to get rid of old stuff and even make a donation pile. (Maybe even a blog candy pile?).

1. I feel so guilty because I have tons of supplies.
2. I won't be shopping any time soon. :)

For my project, I got these Godiva chocolate bars which are on sale this week at the local Target. I planned to use my Twisted Sisters stamps from Amy's Sweet November line over at All That Scraps.

About a year ago, I was a Sweet November Gal and I was so ecstatic (still am)! I had to re-read my post back in September '10.

So I had to pay homage to these sets of stamps again because it was truly an honor being able to help showcase them. For my first 'candy wrapper,' I chose my fave of the group, Twisted Sister Oleander.


How funny that she looks similar yet different as the first time I colored her. She looks super sweet here, even shy (and she looked kinda sassy at the other post). Oh, but she looks so adorable with her tattered bow and her striped tights and her batty wings.

I used Bazzill and Neenah for the Cardstock; Reminisce for all the other paper embellies; House of 3 (Pink Paislee) for the twine; the buttons were from my stash.

Ah, I'll be showing you some more of the other ones I did. I think these TS are perfect for their gifts. They are mostly young women and these stamps capture their youth yet are also sophisticated.

Thanks for visiting!


Arabella said...

Hi Rinne,

What a lovely idea! This is the perfect little thank you gift and Oleander is adorable! She looks very sweet here!


Creations by Shirl said...

Aww what a sweet mommy. I'm sure all those recipients are going to be happy to receive their treats...
and godiva chocolates are my fav too... yummo! great treat covers....

eva said...

i have her too! and she is probably my favorite twisted sister as well. hmm, maybe i'll dig her out and make something. i was gonna say i don't know if not shopping would be a pro, especially if it's not buying any more crafty stuff. hehe.

Lalo said...

This is "SWEET" Rinne...that's me being witty!!!

Lisa said...

Oh, Rinne, this is so adorable!! That image is so precious! And the background paper is so cool! What great candy wrappers!!


jo ( said...

So cute! I love the way you colored her! and haha about "I won't be going shopping anytime soon" as both your PRO and your CON. *lol* everytime I impose something like that on myself, I shop MORE! :)

Amy said...

This is such a great giftie idea Rinne! I love the paper and the pinked edges and you really do have Oleander looking sweet and shy!
I knew you were the perfect one for showing off these girls for SN, I can't believe it's been a year!