Saturday, October 8, 2011

My Clean & Simple Style.


Good Saturday morning, everyone!

Hope you are all having a great weekend so far.

My BFF'ers asked me last year, "Do you think we'd be blog friends if we weren't already best friends?" And I was confused, "I said, of course!"

You see, we differ when it comes to our crafting styles (I tend to be ecclectic at times, she likes a cleaner approach). But that's what I love about the stamping world -- I am a follower of blogs in which our techniques are similar or blogs where the crafter mostly use die-cuts (& I've never own or used a Cricut or a Sizzix). I follow those who use the CAS (clean and simple) method and the ones who have a vintage aesthetic.

I find so much inspiration in ALL the blogs that I follow. And what I really admire about the stamping blog-o-sphere is that EVERYBODY is so friendly & nice. Everyone comments on everybody's blogs. From the most famous of them to the shy beginners!

Take it from me who have been scrapbooking for more than ten years and who was a scrapper before a cardmaker -- there's so much drama in the scrapping world, LOL! (But I am always gonna be a scrapper at heart and there are a lot of scrappers out there who are so kind as well and who I am always going to look up to).

Anyway, I have a point here. What was it again? (LOL!)

Oh yeah: Sometimes I get so inspired that I try to think outside my usual box and try a different style. My usual?? I love to layer, layer, layer and embellish, embellish, embellish. And I like to be different from everyone else, hence the ecclectic side comes through.

But lately, I have been drawn to the CAS style. Especially when I saw the winners of the Paper Smooches' SPARKS Design Team.

Their cards are so clean and crisp and neat and simple. I am totally not like that. My cards get inky. They tend to have lots of textures. And I am probably Joshua on Project Runway who needs to edit his work before sending his model down the runway, as Heidi Klum, Nina Garcia, and Michael Kors always say! (Although I'd rather be Anya :)).

So awhile back, I colored Bridal Mae from Some Odd Girl. I had big plans for her. I loved how she came out and knew right away that I wanted to make a card with a scene.


I had bought these Martha Stewart pom pom stickers when I was helping to decorate for this shower. Pom-poms are such a beautiful way to decorate - I often daydream about renewing my DH's and my vows and how our 'second wedding' would be, haha!

I was thinking about how to add a gorgeous 'wall' to my scene, possibly a vase with some flowers on a pedestal. But then, I had to urge to just simplify.

So then, I just drew in the 'strings' with a spica pen (I ran out of fish wire, which is what I use for the real pom-poms). And I added the 'floor' patterned paper (see below). Used a sentiment from Paper Smooches. And voila! Clean and Simple (at least for me!)

Pardon all the pics but I've been experimenting on how to take better pics/ angles of my cards since reading this article by Kristy.


This one depicts the card walking down the aisle...buwahahahahaha!!!

One last thing:

See this paper? When I bought it, it looked like the part on the bottom left. Cream with some writing and this embossed pattern that was the same color. When misted, however, it became that gorgeous top right part. The more mist you use, the darker it gets. I used Mr. Huey's mist in Cocoa. And sorry, but I'm not sure what this brand of paper is but it is gorgeous both ways!!

Thanks so much for reading this long post! Hugs to all of my crafty friends!

P.S. And remember when I was talking about how some stamp images remind me of people? This one reminds me of one of the doctors I worked with. I. AM. SO. WEIRD. But that's why y'all love me, right?? :)


Mary J said...

Hello Rinne! Love how you made that paper - I gotta try that!

Such a beautiful card - those flowers are wonderful and the layout brililant with this beauty!!

eva said...

wow, this card is beautiful!! love the way you colored her. it's nice to experiment with different styles. i still don't know what my style is. it's usually just whatever i feel like.

Trina said...

Your CAS is gorgeous! I love the scene you created with your supplies!

Creations by Shirl said...

Hey Rinne~
Love your bg story~
BTW you colored up this bride so perfect love this idea that you did with the bg papers too...
Those MS pom poms are cute...

jo ( said...

LOL! Ok, I have to catch up with the blog reading and WHY did I start with this post of yours (NOVEL! *lol*). Yes, I agree with you - I love how styles in the crafty world are so different and variant and everyone is unique! Sometimes I like CAS, but I love the look of vintage and I'm *really* trying to work on that too!

Your card is gorgeous! I love the pom poms - your signature! Very cute - it's CAS with a scene! *lol*

love you, BFF! Yes, we'd defiintely be friends if it weren't for crafting. :)

Sparkle said...

Such a lovely card!

Amy said...

LOL, It could be quite the contest between you and Joshua on who 'bedazzles' their project the most! I don't feel you've ever gone even close to overboard so, Joshua wins!
I agree that there is so much inspiration from all styles of cardmaking and so many awesome ladies and you are definitely one of them! :)

Amy said...

Ok, I didn't even tell you how gorgeous your card is! Well it is very gorgeous, you do all styles fabulously and I love coming and seeing what you've been up to!

Alice Wertz said...

very pretty and elegant card, Rinne! love your coloring on her. love this!

lynn said...

this is darling, rinne! have a great sunday!

Lisa said...

Oh wow, I just love this scene! Bridal Mae is gorgeous! You colored her so beautifully and set the stage perfectly! What an amazing card!! :D