Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Oldie But Goodie

Happy Wednesday, everyone!

Sadly, I only made it up to the second week of TGF's HeART Journaling project.

For that last week I completed (Week 2), I was inspired by a prior album I made in a class I took about 6 - 7 years ago. That class was taught by Traci Bautista, & to this date, I am still very much in love with this project.

I'm posting that album here now. My post is picture-heavy, and it was overcast so the pics aren't that great.

You're probably wondering why I'm blogging about it, since it was made such a long time ago. I've got several reasons:

1. I didn't have a blog back then.
2. I'd like to showcase it here in case I lose it or the kiddies tear it up.
3. I didn't have a card for today :).
4. I'm hoping to make another one like it someday and need your help.
5. It's nice to document what my style/ technique/ favorites for each year. (or era :)).

Here's the book with the cover down. I love that stitching down the side -- does anybody know what type of stitching that is? I'd like to google it / find it on you tube because I've forgotten how. I guess I could also ask Traci.

Here's the first page. The cover opens from the top up. The pages now open from the left side. I just loved how everything looked "free-style." We were taught to rip pages with unabandonment and sew without worrying about straight lines.

The second page has a pic of a Hawaiian orchid. This album holds pics of my friends' trip to Hawaii, back in 2002.

The third page has a pic from a lomography camera I used to have. I adored that thing. It gave me four different shots in succession on one print.

The fourth page is blank because I took the parts and pics out to add to my HeART Journal. But aren't the papers interesting? If you were a crafter/ scrapbooker back in the early to mid 2000s, did you remember how the popular papers look like this? Very tie-dyed like and fuzzy? :). And vellum was really common, too!

The fifth one has more lomography pics of the beach. Aren't those beads and string just breath-taking?

And this sixth one has my BFF on it. She was on that trip with me. Fun memories!

This seventh page featured one of the cool waterfalls of Hawaii. It was at a park, and there was a show with performers jumping from it.

The last page has pics from the Luau we attended at the Big Island. See the third pic of a wanna-be Hula dancer. Haha!

Thanks for visiting! As I clean out my craft room and organize my old projects, I'll be posting more of these oldies but goodies. Hope you don't mind!


Lalo said...

LOVE the idea of posting a "oldie but goodie" project...would love to see more...maybe I should take a dig in my "STUFF" and see what comes up???

Anyhoo the album looks great and it looks like you had loads of fun on that trip!!!

Oh and that's a blanket stitch...and since I know you have a "sew easy" they make an attachment head for this stitch :)

angie ashuk said...

Thats a great book. I love the colors. I love looking at my older books to see my style then. Great idea.

Creations by Shirl said...

That was a great album Rinne~
Lots of memorable pics and even from the BIsland - woo hoo!
That stitching on the side looks like what a serger machine we do...
I used to sew with the serger and this would be like a hem stitch... I might be wrong - maybe you gotta go research it....

eva said...

hi corinne! thanks for the visit and comments! i've been here before--we have a common blogging friend, sunghee! anyway, i love your album. the colors and the torn pages--great look. yeah, it's hard keeping up with tgf's heart journaling. i have to remind myself every week!

KanataNewf said...

hey rinne, that's a blanket stitch that you used down the edge of the book.

jo ( said...

I was wondering what happened to you and your projects from the TGF HeART Journaling project!

Yay for posting this oldie but goodie! I can't find mine. :( Didn't I take this class with you???

Aahhh... good times. :)

Lisa said...

Oh my gosh, this is stunningly gorgeous, Rinne! The colors are so fabulous and I love the design! What a fabulous "oldie but goodie"! I LOVE it!! :D